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Book Synopsis: You’re studying engineering at college or a newly graduated engineer ready to give it your all but you have way more questions than answers. You’re not interested in war stories or another speech about ‘back in the day’ but you are looking to a respected colleague for advice presented in such a way that you can take action. You’re looking for a mentor who is close enough in age to be connected to you but who’s senior enough to have demonstrated success in the past by practicing what they preach. You’re looking for guidance that speaks to the challenges you face; in entering the workforce, in making sense of engineering and understanding what it takes to get ahead… Look no further as your search is over. The View From Here is a book written with all of these issues and more in mind.

Young Engineer of the Year Reece Lumsden offers frank guidance on navigating the early years of your engineering career through a combination of personal accounts and meticulously researched facts. Written in an open and conversational style that is action oriented and easy to understand, Reece approaches engineering holistically and from a variety of vantage points rather than through a single, technically focused myopia. With over 70 quick and easy exercises that help you build your skills, you can start using what you learn right away!


If you are looking to optimize your engineering career today, this very instant, then             The View From Here is indispensable.

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